Where I’m From

Project Statment

Combining cinematography with music, foley and narration this is Where I’m From. Incorporating my morning routines, culture, language and family… more


Using a Cannon 750D I created my remoscope capturing the typical “Blue Mountains rainy day”… more

What is a remoscope?

George Ella Lyon – Where I’m From

Appalachian poet George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From Poem” perfectly captures her cultural background through her descriptions of the people, places, objects, and events… more

Sound Analysis of Jaws (1975)| Get out of the Water Scene.

This essay focuses on experiencing film through sound by the analysis of a scene in the film Jaws (1975), Directed by Steven Spielberg. ‘Get out of the Water Scene’ in Jaws (1975) uses its audio to convey ideas providing an experience, by the use of dialogue, ambient noise, and music, complementing what the audience sees on screen. Jaws’ use of dialogue provides a direction … more

Jeff Wall – The Storyteller

Upon viewing the photograph, I instantly noticed the hill distinctly dividing into three sections: patchy grass, thick and vivid coloured grass, and stone under the bridge. The grey stone blending up into the bridge, then blending into the sky strongly contrasted the large dark pine trees along the other side of the image, creating a left and right division on the image… more

Screen Media

Subject Description
This subject introduces students to screen media production by exploring the history and defining features of contemporary global cinema. Students develop foundational skills in key elements of screen media production including composition, lighting, camera techniques, audio, editing and post-production. The subject combines critical discussions with practical experiments focusing on the inventiveness of cinematic language as an expressive aesthetic form.
Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Critically discuss the history and practice of contemporary global cinema
2. Produce critically engaged works in response to the aesthetic possibilities of audiovisual screen media
3. Engage with fundamental screen media production principals in the successful completion of creative works