UX designing for the Sims 4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ppiMwZHBAQ4 As stated in my pitch, I will doing auto-ethnographic research considering three key concepts: Simulation, Customisation and Hardware. From this, I plan to build an online design folio. Which demonstrate my understanding of Game UX design and UX design research practice. The Sims 4 is in the genre Simulation games. The concept Simulation will … Continue reading UX designing for the Sims 4

UX Design as a niche?

https://soundcloud.com/sayopaulo/ux-design-as-my-niche This semester I plan to undertake an ethnographic research project on my niche. Fascinated with digital platforms, I enjoy problem solving and often believe I can improve on existing designs and models. Without locking myself in, I believe UX (User Experience) Designing might become my media niche. Growing in popularity and very much relevant … Continue reading UX Design as a niche?