Trending No. 1 | Part 2

Hello BCM325, I will be reflecting on my live-tweeting from week 7 to week 12, My live-tweeting improved and my engagement with the lecture material was a lot more evident. This round of live-tweeting I received more likes and retweets opposed to my first round of live-tweeting. The notes I took were also extremely helpful. … Continue reading Trending No. 1 | Part 2


Trending No.1 | Part 1

Reflecting on my live tweeting endeavours, I can take away some positives and some negatives which I can learn from.   The first thing I found especially useful was I was more likely to get followed back by other students on the BCM325 hashtag during the live-tweeting sessions. More followers help expand my audience giving … Continue reading Trending No.1 | Part 1