Finishing Up – The Next Melody

This semester I have been working towards a goal, a goal to create a podcast series that demonstrated my knowledge of the digital environment and its ever-changing landscape. For the most part I have completed what I went out to achieve, however, the digital artifact underwent changes. During my process of early ideating, I came … Continue reading Finishing Up – The Next Melody


The Next Melody – BETA Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Podcast I wanted to create was not possible however I can still continue the concept of the digital artifact while discussing future cultures. My final DA will be an essay which I will upload to my WordPress and talk bout what I have learnt from creating the podcast and … Continue reading The Next Melody – BETA

The Next Melody This podcast investigates music trends. How did popular music get to it's current form and where is it going to? Every episode will feature a guest and a new trend in the pop culture music industry. Future Cultures are the primary focus of BCM325 and in music the past has always shaped the future … Continue reading The Next Melody

Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta   Below is our PLOMO playlist. We've decided to genre-bend this playlist in particular to take advantage of the fact we have diverse genres and artists. The decision to genre-bend was also fuelled by our hope of either creating something new and/or pleasing our audience which according the survey enjoy multiple genres. However eventually we … Continue reading Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta

Plomo Productions Pitch If you've watched the video above, you'll understand we've launched Plomo Productions. Plomo Production's main goal is to give back to the art world, supporting artists, giving back to the community in profitable ways without relying on managing artists and taking credit for work where credit isn't due. Our Facebook page and our Instagram … Continue reading Plomo Productions Pitch