Simulate the World | Autoethnography UX Design My first Blog post was figuring out my niche, which at the time was UX design. Where I began exploring the profession and began a course on Linked in to explore this more. Unfortunately, my niche changed as I could not find an appropriate persona to adopt for my autoethnographic research or … Continue reading Simulate the World | Autoethnography


Simulate the World | Autoethnography Beta The concept of simulation is massive when we consider the Sims franchise. Besides the obvious example of virtual reality, it is not prominent to see a videogame simulate reality. Obvious examples include Cities Skylines and Truck Simulator; however, the Sims attempts to simulate life itself. The Sims franchise follows an important principle explored throughout … Continue reading Simulate the World | Autoethnography Beta

UX designing for the Sims 4 As stated in my pitch, I will doing auto-ethnographic research considering three key concepts: Simulation, Customisation and Hardware. From this, I plan to build an online design folio. Which demonstrate my understanding of Game UX design and UX design research practice. The Sims 4 is in the genre Simulation games. The concept Simulation will … Continue reading UX designing for the Sims 4