Where I’m From | Video Poem

Moving Image Project https://youtu.be/T4_dy0JF6As Project Statment Combining cinematography with music, foley and narration this is Where I’m From. Incorporating my morning routines, culture, language and family. I was unable to find the right tone of music, so I decided to create it myself. I wanted to create a piece of music both energetic and calm … Continue reading Where I’m From | Video Poem


Sound Analysis of Jaws (1975)| Get out of the Water Scene.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rW23RsUTb2Y This essay focused on experiencing film through sound by the analysis of a scene in the film Jaws (1975), Directed by Steven Spielberg. ‘Get out of the Water Scene’ in Jaws (1975) uses its audio to convey ideas to provide an experience by the use of dialogue, ambient noise, and music, complementing what the … Continue reading Sound Analysis of Jaws (1975)| Get out of the Water Scene.

“Where I’m From” | Assignment 1

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDBv-ityQ8w Using a Cannon 750D I created my remoscope capturing the typical “Blue Mountains rainy day”. Inspired by 'synchronized driving' finding a balence between the moving and still. I took advantage of my doble sided fireplace by creating back lighting to give the wood more shape and highlight the smoke. I used warm coloured lighting … Continue reading “Where I’m From” | Assignment 1

Where I’m From

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdnHl_yW1dQ Appalachian poet George Ella Lyon’s “Where I’m From Poem” perfectly captures her cultural background through her descriptions of the people, places, objects, and events. The keywords and phrases used build the poem’s identity giving the reader a unique understanding of the speaker’s origins. George Ella Lyon constructed her poem by listing keywords describing where … Continue reading Where I’m From