Finishing Up – The Next Melody

This semester I have been working towards a goal, a goal to create a podcast series that demonstrated my knowledge of the digital environment and its ever-changing landscape. For the most part I have completed what I went out to achieve, however, the digital artifact underwent changes. During my process of early ideating, I came … Continue reading Finishing Up – The Next Melody


Using AI to Make Songs – The Next Melody

A catchy melody is something many musicians work tirelessly to create, however, what if I told you artificial intelligence could do this with the touch of a button? Hello and welcome to The Next Melody, to conclude my digital artefact, this is the final innstallment. We will be discussing the topic of AI predictions. Artificial … Continue reading Using AI to Make Songs – The Next Melody

The Next Melody – BETA Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Podcast I wanted to create was not possible however I can still continue the concept of the digital artifact while discussing future cultures. My final DA will be an essay which I will upload to my WordPress and talk bout what I have learnt from creating the podcast and … Continue reading The Next Melody – BETA

The Next Melody This podcast investigates music trends. How did popular music get to it's current form and where is it going to? Every episode will feature a guest and a new trend in the pop culture music industry. Future Cultures are the primary focus of BCM325 and in music the past has always shaped the future … Continue reading The Next Melody