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Here are a collection of the digital artefact projects I have created during my Bachelor of Communications and Media. Return Home

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Digital Artefacts

The Next Melody

This semester I have been working towards a goal, a goal to create a podcast series that demonstrated my knowledge of the digital environment and its ever-changing landscape. For the most part… more

Plomo Productions

Plomo Production’s main goal is to give back to the art world, supporting artists, giving back to the community in profitable ways without relying on managing artists and taking credit for work where credit isn’t due… more

Youtube’s Algorithm

This DA is on understanding the YouTube Algorithm, how to get more views through utilising YouTube’s algorithm, understanding human behaviour and taking advantage of impressions… more

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Me and My Digital Artefacts

Hi Oryem here. My decisions behind my digital artfeacts are mostly in the betas. The projects I have chosen to undergo are of particular interest to me. Whether it is about a patform that I wish to gain an understanding on, or a topic where I can contribute my knowledge, such as music, research or social media.

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