Making Media: Plomo Productions

Plomo Productions

Digital Media Team

Will Bomfield (Founding), Paul Ajok, Rebecca Hegedus, Leon Prasad

Plomo Production’s main goal is to give back to the art world, supporting artists, giving back to the community in profitable ways without relying on managing artists and taking credit for work where credit isn’t due. We believe constant empathising is important for the company and we will continuously observe, engage, watch and listen to our audience.

  • Plomo Productions Pitch

  • Ideating for Plomo Productions

  • Rapid Prototyping and Beta

  • Iterating and Making Media

  • Breaking and Remaking

Making Media

Subject Description
The subject introduces students to key concepts in digital media making, using a range of materials and approaches spanning the majors in the BCM program. The primary aim of the subject is to encourage student experimentation, entrepreneurship, innovation, and a speculative approach to media making. The secondary objective of the subject is to expose all BCM students to fundamental techniques in media project development, including idea mapping, rapid prototyping and feedback-based iteration. The subject is organized in three modules mirroring key stages in a media project production process: mapping ideas, prototyping, and making. Students will work on their own projects mapped to these stages, reflect on the production process, and present their work.
Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Effective presentation and reiteration of a media project
2. Demonstrate an understanding of media making through experimentation, innovation and speculative mapping of ideas and production
3. Acquire basic digital and media literacies expressed as a publicly shared digital artefact