Emergent Media: YouTube Experiment

Emergent Media

Just_Me|| Youtube Experiment

Subject Description
This subject introduces students to the process of media convergence, emphasising the way in which digital media driven technological change is accompanied by changes in the way we work, socialise and communicate. We focus on the emergent media dynamics of this process, and their effects on audiences, media platforms, and industries. Students will establish and start developing an online presence across a range of platforms, and begin work on their first digital media project.
Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamics driving emergent media convergence, and their effects on audiences, media platforms, and industries
2. Demonstrate introductory digital literacies in the production, aggregation and curation of online content
3. Demonstrate introductory abilities in conceptualising and developing a self-directed or team-based digital media project in a practical context

Just_Me, the new Digital Artefact

https://youtu.be/X3wa0LF7A2I My new DA is Understanding the YouTube Algorithm, how to get more views and more dislikes, my YouTube channel has 6 subscribers so you can tell I’m a pretty big deal. I’ve been using twitter and disqus to promote my content. Sciencing article on visibility of colours. Regardless of the first two videos my content…

This DA is on understanding the YouTube Algorithm, how to get more views through utilising YouTube’s algorithm, understanding human behaviour and taking advantage of impressions and click through rate… Just_Me

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