Coles: The Message is the Medium

So, the message is the medium. Coles always place fresh produce at the entrance. But why? Not only is fresh produce much more colourful but it also makes the store look, in someway healthier. Putting milk at the back of the store forces the consumer to walk through the store and view everything first, encouraging … Continue reading Coles: The Message is the Medium


What’s Up, Pitches? Yep. That was our long-awaited pitch. As painful and as awkward as that video was, we can only get better. Paul Gurney, soon to be renamed The Opinion Blog is our Digital Artefact for #BCM112. As discussed in the video we've incorporated our interest and knowledge into this project. Our main inspiration was the … Continue reading What’s Up, Pitches?

What’s a DA?

Yes. I know a DA is a digital artefact but, what’s a digital artefact? A Digital Artefact is an item that is stored electronically/ digitally. For my Emergent Media class, we have all been tasked with creating a digital artefact, avaible to the public audiences and demonstrating our understanding of media studies. Originally i wanted … Continue reading What’s a DA?