Instagram and Making Media

The most important part of my Digital Artefact PLOMO Productions, is the platform we use. As content creators we often use our online presence on social media to communicate a message to the audience we attract. "The medium is the message"; a phrase originally coined by Marshall McLuhan implies that the medium on which you voice your message is … Continue reading Instagram and Making Media


Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta   Below is our PLOMO playlist. We've decided to genre-bend this playlist in particular to take advantage of the fact we have diverse genres and artists. The decision to genre-bend was also fuelled by our hope of either creating something new and/or pleasing our audience which according the survey enjoy multiple genres. However eventually we … Continue reading Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta

Globalisation: Music

The globalisation of Hip-Hop around the world demonstrates a need for the creation of a dedicated body of art by the artists. Since the early 1990s it is known that Hip-Hop has been Afrocentric, being pioneered by young African Americans creating what we now call Hip-Hop culture. NWA's works are not only an artistic creation … Continue reading Globalisation: Music

Globalisation: Film

“Chinese and Korean blockbusters argue that the blockbuster is no longer American owned. The idea may be borrowed and translated, but this should not be understood in terms of the original and the copy, where divergence from the original mark’s failure of authenticity” (Berry 2003, p.218).  The cultural effects of blockbusters can be attributed to … Continue reading Globalisation: Film

Globalisation: Television

Originally Television was just seeing at a distance and considered a “radio with visuals” more interestingly the earlier television shows were direct derivatives from the radio genres, which were, Gaming, Comedy, Drama and Soap Operators. The early dramas were known for their low action sets – they were designed with a camera for a TV audience. … Continue reading Globalisation: Television