Lo-Fi Hiphop – The Next Melody

PODCAST EPISODE Check out the Spotify Playlist for this week and ADD YOUR OWN SONGS. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1BiH6xW8hEa90Rha9aiksG?si=ZaZvzP0rQvqXfH9m5j3Q3Q     What is Instore for the future of Lo-Fi Hip Hop? A very new genre as indicated by google trend searches above, Lo-Fi Hip Hop had two pioneers DJ William Berger and J Dilla. In the second lecture … Continue reading Lo-Fi Hiphop – The Next Melody


Trending No.1 | Part 1

Reflecting on my live tweeting endeavours, I can take away some positives and some negatives which I can learn from.   The first thing I found especially useful was I was more likely to get followed back by other students on the BCM325 hashtag during the live-tweeting sessions. More followers help expand my audience giving … Continue reading Trending No.1 | Part 1

BCM325: Our Student’s Projects Pt. 1

Peer commentary requires me to focus on the ideas and concepts of the proposed Digital Artefact, contribute research and consider practicality. My first comment went to Isaac's DA, The Da was a live stream that discussed the future of visual Design. I started by reading the article he linked to grasp a deeper understanding, after … Continue reading BCM325: Our Student’s Projects Pt. 1

The Next Melody

https://youtu.be/U--POjegOAk This podcast investigates music trends. How did popular music get to it's current form and where is it going to? Every episode will feature a guest and a new trend in the pop culture music industry. Future Cultures are the primary focus of BCM325 and in music the past has always shaped the future … Continue reading The Next Melody