The Next Melody This podcast investigates music trends. How did popular music get to it's current form and where is it going to? Every episode will feature a guest and a new trend in the pop culture music industry. Future Cultures are the primary focus of BCM325 and in music the past has always shaped the future … Continue reading The Next Melody


Breaking and Remaking

As mentioned before our biggest changes for our online multimedia company PLOMO Productions has been the redevelopment of our instagram account. My partners and I decided we wanted to push a more professional aesthetic, after we created a new logo we were inspired by our friend, and we wanted to make something very cool and … Continue reading Breaking and Remaking

Instagram and Making Media

The most important part of my Digital Artefact PLOMO Productions, is the platform we use. As content creators we often use our online presence on social media to communicate a message to the audience we attract. "The medium is the message"; a phrase originally coined by Marshall McLuhan implies that the medium on which you voice your message is … Continue reading Instagram and Making Media

Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta   Below is our PLOMO playlist. We've decided to genre-bend this playlist in particular to take advantage of the fact we have diverse genres and artists. The decision to genre-bend was also fuelled by our hope of either creating something new and/or pleasing our audience which according the survey enjoy multiple genres. However eventually we … Continue reading Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta

Ideating for Plomo Productions

If you unaware my partners and I have started a multifaced company called Plomo Productions. Our Plomo Production's team has been using multiple systems to better grow the company. For example, "Fail Early, Fail Often". Essential this means creating content and implementing new idea early and often.   My partners and I from the … Continue reading Ideating for Plomo Productions