Social Identity

“Identity operates as a set of resources which people draw upon in presenting and expressing” (Tagg &Seargeant 2016, p. 343) Social identity is the rate of change to an individual’s self-awareness in a social setting. Social identities are categories by makers, physical traits or social status (barker 2007, p.221). Our Social identities has also varied … Continue reading Social Identity


Creative Influence

Creative influence is capturing particular aspects of one field to put into another, being inspired. When poetic influence evolves two strong authentic poets. Creative influence can be viewed creative correction which can be misinterpreted. Nice For What by Aubrey Graham (Drake) samples the well-known song Ex-factor by Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hill on the bridge sings … Continue reading Creative Influence

Creative Identity

Creative Identity and how important is it? Creative identity is what we associate our creativity with; your platform or craft. It can alter depending on your creative influences, and social identity. However, the phrase hasn’t officially been coined. “Work it, make it, do it, makes us, harder, better, faster, stronger”(West 2007) iconic lines from Kanye … Continue reading Creative Identity

Fractured Identity

The subject previously experienced as having a unified and stable identity, is becoming fragmented: composed, not a single, but of several, sometimes contradictory or unsolved identities” (Hall1996, p.598). The level of fractured identities varies for very individual and is highlighted by the rate of change. All Falls Down Produced by Kanye West explores the fractured … Continue reading Fractured Identity


Authenticity in critical theory is used to describe an ideal mode of living and characterised by high levels of self- awareness, self-reflection and self-direction (Buchanan 2010, pn). One of the major issues underlying authenticity is the critique of contemporary works with traditional values and authentic functions in the search for individual’s identity. Jahseh Onfroy (XXXtentacion) … Continue reading Authenticity