Simulate the World | Autoethnography UX Design My first Blog post was figuring out my niche, which at the time was UX design. Where I began exploring the profession and began a course on Linked in to explore this more. Unfortunately, my niche changed as I could not find an appropriate persona to adopt for my autoethnographic research or … Continue reading Simulate the World | Autoethnography


More Sims 4 Epiphanies

This week I will begin to analyse the data I have collected from my autoethnographic investigation of my niche. This week I have had new epiphanies. More Epiphanies Research No life simulation videogame is more popular than the Sims. The franchise is built on trying to make a simulation of western, suburban – and now city … Continue reading More Sims 4 Epiphanies

My New Niche | The Sims 4

From UX Design to the sims 4 My Autoethnographic Investigation Once I had changed my niche to the sims 4, I began by exploring mods.After stumbling across a list exploring the top 10 Sims 4 mods, I followed up by exploring the website.I noticed that mods weren’t exactly created by individual players but groups of … Continue reading My New Niche | The Sims 4

Simulate the World | Game Text Analysis Beta The concept of simulation is important when we consider the Sims franchise. Besides the obvious example of virtual reality, it is not prominent to see a videogame simulate reality. Obvious examples include Cities Skylines and Truck Simulator; however, the Sims attempts to simulate life itself. The Sims franchise follows an important principle explored throughout virtual reality … Continue reading Simulate the World | Game Text Analysis Beta