Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Refugees and Asylum Seekers

I have decide to do an in-depth summary, exploring the relationship between Australia’s refugee policies and the Australian media’s representation of refugees… more

Australia’s Policies: Asylum Seekers and Refugees

This Research report will be an in-depth dive, exploring the relationship between Australia’s refugee policies and the Australian media’s representation of refugees. The 1951 United Nation’s Convention on refugees identifies a refugee as an individual seeking refuge in another country to escape persecution. Persecution is when the aspects that define one’s individuality become a target for abuse. Although asylum seekers are the victims, the Australian print media views asylum seekers as the threat, burden or “unwanted invader”. The end of this report will reflect on Australia’s Policies: Asylum Seekers and Refugees | BCM222 | Visual Essay by Oryem... more

Global Media and Social Justice

Subject Description
This subject introduces students to the key concepts and debates in the study of global media and social justice. Part one looks at the role of media and communication in mapping the planet and in imagining global connection. Part two examines how the media themselves have changed in the era of globalisation. We look at issues surrounding the key players global media corporations such as Facebook and News Corporation and key hardware focusing on the smartphone and issues of e-waste and conflict minerals. We also look at who owns the global imagebanks. In part three we focus on what how to navigate this new global mediaenvironment, exploring concepts of citizenship, empathy, the global public sphere, and the movement of people and ideas on global survival circuits.
Subject Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, students will be able to:
1. Develop broad and coherent knowledge of the field of global media studies through weekly readings/viewings and test their knowledge in online quizzes
2. Explore real world problems in global media and its impact on social justice through weekly seminar discussions and a final project focused on developing innovative solutions
3. Develop skills in effective and creative visual communication through their final visual essay project
4. Develop an understanding of the exercise of judgment and responsibility in global media and cross-cultural contexts