Alienus Terrorem

Alienus Terrorem

by Oryem Ajok

The year is 2098 and space travel to other planets within the Milky Way is possible for Humans. The Earth’s ecosystem is failing and the known universe is ruled by 3 despicable alien races that came from another universe.

Lupus Pluviae

The earth is being ruled by a pack of alien species known as Lupus Pluviae. However, this is not the same Earth we have come to know in 2021. The ecosystem has failed and the constant rain tortures the planet. All the rain has forced the clouds to shield any sunlight, leaving the Earth a cold and wet rock drifting through the Milky Way. The rich and wealthy have vanished and the remaining population stays in hiding to avoid the wolf-like aliens.

Luna Fossores

In a desperate attempt to save humanity, fleets of human beings traveled to the moon to escape Lupus Pluviae. Unfortunately, a race of Luna Fossores had taken over the rocky terrain of The Moon. Luna Fossores were difficult to identify, as their telepathic powers gave them the ability to shapeshift. The human population on The Moon has congregated in small tribes, scattered around The Moon. The Luna aliens were constantly digging on The Moon, looking for something, and had no remorse for the humans they encountered.

Arena Daemones

Before the humans populated The Moon to escape Lupus Pluviae, the rich and wealthy quickly fled to Mars to start a new life away from the destruction and chaos on Earth. The environment was sandy, windy, and hot. Unfortunately, a legion of aliens started to populate moments after. The Arena Daemones is what they became known as. Constantly riding around the planet on machines that made a loud noise, similar to a motorcycle, they were the most dangerous threat humans would ever face. The Arena Daemones always move in groups, and similar to the other aliens that threaten humanity, any human who encounters them rarely lived to tell the story.


The Moon


Alienus Terrorem | Transmedia

Alienus Terrorem is my transmedia project. I created this page to have a central point for all elements of the transmedia story to be placed together. However, the transmedia story does not unfold in any other single medium alone.

Reviewing my work, I feel good about the narrative and story world. I left plenty of room for further elements to be added and I find the apocalyptic elements to the story engaging. The musical themes created for each alien were made to match the feelings of musical mode and its emotional character in a melody. With the stylistic, monochromatic visual representation, which unfortunately felt through, could have been powerful.

There are things that could have been done better. Unfortunately, the absence of visual representation meant I had to adjust the elements. Using the leitmotifs within the audio story I was able to create 3 downloadable ringtones.

Ringtones were not planned, Roving Textualities: The Mobile Ringtone, Intersemiosis and Transmedia found that ringtones can be a form of “extended textuality”, as the musical sign is thrust unknowingly into our day-to-day soundscapes. I recycled the leitmotifs in each audio story to produce 3 ringtones.

Production was limited due to inconsistencies with the production timeline and losing team members. The final version was to have a set of movie posters for each alien race, these visual representations would be made into trading cards.

Originally, we planned to do 3 alien races on 3 different planets each having a distinct colour as to appear monochromatic when on trading cards and movie posters.

The Twitter story of Lupus Pluviae is a series of chronological tweets that tell the story of an alien invasion. Production limitation meant the tweets were not real. However, a plan to put the tweets on a slideshow came too close to the submission date. The twitter story needs no context as it manages to be an excellent worldbuilder and tell its own story using only headlines.

Although the transmedia project did not reach the levels I expected, there is still plenty of space for the narrative to continue. It would have been great to see the medium of video or imagery within this project.