BCM241 Peer Commentary 2

I have been tasked to provide three comments to three of my peers. Since the first commentary session, I had failed to give more positive feedback, which this time around I plan to do.

Alexander’s Digital Artefact was impressive, the value of my comment, like most of the others, was praised. as we were all coming to the conclusion of our digital artefacts I felt no need to give any suggestion, we were all short on time to make serious changes to our digital artefacts. Therefore I focused on what they had done well. as I mention in the first peer commentary, passive feedback is received better, and can therefore be more effective. Alexander’s pitch was laid out very well, however, her timeline could have been better. This made me think about my own timeline, what I needed to get done and when. Her field map was extremely impressive and made me realise I needed to improve my own field site. The way this DA had evolved was quite impressive as well, this was evident in the social utility, increasing the views. I felt the need to give high praise over that fact as it would be essential to mention in the final report. Although comments were not enabled on Alexander’s blog post, I commented on the beta video itself as I felt it was extremely important to receive feedback.

Sasha’s DA was one of the most impressive I had seen this semester, the participatory element of the digital artefact was excellent. The reference list on the blog post was well executed and the sources were all credible, this really spoke to the credibility of her research and made me consider how credible my research was. The weekly schedule was mapped out well and I took notes, as I was a bit unsure of my own timeline. The blog was easy to navigate and it was well documented.

Lastly, I commented on Emma’s beta. the beta video was perhaps the most impressive and therefore, made it easy to follow. This made me really think about how I should communicate on my final digital artefact submission. As I used Tik Tok as well for my DA, I was impressed. Once again I commented on the timeline as I believe it is extremely important upon our DA submissions.

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