We Back.

Before I began Uni, I was a new certificate 3 qualified preschool teacher counting down the months before I began my journalism degree.

We fast forward and wow…

I have just begun my 4th year of a Creative Arts and Communications double. I have found that the double, although extremely interesting, fit together like pineapple and pizza. Do with that information as you please. 

I moved to Wollongong in 2018 and I found myself already loving the city and the campus, exploring the best places to eat and the most cultivating clubs and pubs. I moved back to the blue mountains since the start of the pandemic and since than I have been studying online. Different medium, same content… I guess.

My little brother has actually started Uni this year and he has chosen Newcastle University. Of course, being my sibling, naturally I forgave him for that decision. Not too long ago, I asked him what he thought Uni would be like before he left. “I think it would be very complicated, having to manage everything without the support of teachers like in high school” he said he though “everyone would be knowing exactly they were doing all the time”.

I can confirm from my experience, this is not true. There is continuous support from professor in the form of tutorials: small awkward classes that run weekly. From the Library to the makers space, the sports hub to music studios, the equipment rentals and computer labs. I did not realise how many resources the University had until I started. Unfortunately, in 2021 most of these are non-existence due to this pandemic.

I am Paul and this is my sleepless blog, comment below and follow my wordpress and Twitter!


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