Finishing Up – The Next Melody

This semester I have been working towards a goal, a goal to create a podcast series that demonstrated my knowledge of the digital environment and its ever-changing landscape. For the most part I have completed what I went out to achieve, however, the digital artifact underwent changes.

During my process of early ideating, I came to the realisation I wanted to create an entirely new digital artifact that focused solely on music but also conformed with the learning assessment tasks and subject material. The original vison for The Next Melody was evident in my Pitch.

After this began rapid prototyping. I released Episode 1 on Anchor. After promoting this across twitter I gain retweets form users outside of the UOW BCM cohort, thus began a feedback loop. After releasing Episode 2 our class pitch commentary was due. Where unfortunately with the absence of a guest and my focus being drawn towards other subjects, I failed to upload another podcast episode. However, my third instalment of my digital artefact came in the form of a blog post: PART 3.

Frequent iteration was a process I put great emphasis on during my pitch however, this was ruled out very early. My main platform Anchor already iterates the podcast on  6 different platforms so I did not feel the need to spend countless hours posting on TikTok and Instagram. The original trajectory for the project had also changed. In the remaining period I noted 3-4 podcast episodes was unrealistic. So, I planned to distribute the content across both my podcast and WordPress.

After I made my Beta, it became clear who my audience was. Thanks to my analytics on anchor, I was able to identify the majority of my audience were from Romania (31%), The United States (24%) and Australia (20%). It is also important to note that 100% of my audience were males between the age of 18-22. It came to my attention my inclusion of lecture material, however, was lacking, so I made this evident in my final 3 instalments. My DA focus had also change from “predicting what will happening in the music industry” to “the effects of technology in the music industry – past, present and future”. This made it easier to include lecture material while staying true to the podcast.

The Next Melody Part 4 came in form of a blog post. I spoke about cyborgs and cybernetic systems as we learnt in week 8. I started by linking a tweet I made during the Robot and Frank live-tweeting session to explain the definition of a cyborg. Drawing information from the journal article “Cyborgs and Enhancement Technology” and the Week 8 recommended reading I was able to identify how Autotune is a cybernetic system and audio production software paired with the musicians work as a cyborg entity.

Unfortunately, the fifth instalment was a blog post meaning I was not able to make another podcast episode. Apart from this, Part 5, and Part 6 showed evidence of conforming with the learning assessment tasks and subject material, which was my original goal. In Part 5 I was able to talk about Trajectory and Planning my example for this was Yankee Doodle Dandy. Part 6 was the final instalment were I revisited the topic of AI systems in music, going into depth on the system NuseNet.

Looking back this DA could have improved on user feedback outside of BCM students. In Conclusion the future for music is never certain however historical trends can help lead us towards a rough prediction for futurism. I hope to continue this Digital artefact in BCM206.


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