BCM325: Our Student’s Projects Pt. 2

As all the BCM325 students get close to submitting their digital artefacts, I will be providing a brief overview of 3 comments I made on the following DAs. This will be a critical self-reflection for each of my comments and links I have provided.

comment 6

In my first comment I discussed the variety of sources Benny could use to support his digital artefact. Although his DA might have not gone to plan, the initial concept of cross-promotion is a very good idea and he has the knowledge to make it work. However, I do question how he can effectively relate this to future cultures rubric. It is also important to note he has a lot of big data from surveys he conducted. This can help build a strong case that can be supported by his research.

comment 5

In my comment on Anthea’s digital artefact, I focused on a future topic she wishes to address. I linked an article I found interesting and useful, whether she decides to use it or not. Her DA was one of the most outstanding when it came to interaction with the public audience as her feedback allowed her to generate content. This is something I hope to push in my own digital artefact; however, I’ve not been able to create a comment sections as populated as hers. I also noted that the weekly live-tweeting session we participate in for future cultures, could contribute immensely towards her DA.

comment 4

In my final comment I discussed how similar to my DA, Lani’s decision to limit the platforms was a good choice seeing as she was able to provide a quality to her content that I don’t think would’ve been present if she decided to iterate on multiple platforms. I have been following Lani DA in particular because it interests me more than a lot of others. However, I believe her own prediction would make the DA more engaging to her audience.
Beyond these three digital artefacts I have also taken the time to look at many more. This has helped me take a step back and look at my own beta and what I can improve on. This has helped be gain more ideas for my final DA submission and in case you’ve not had the chance please check out my beta presentation.
This has been my sleepless blog, thank for listening and I cannot wait to see everyone’s final digital artefacts!

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