Trending No.1 | Part 1

Reflecting on my live tweeting endeavours, I can take away some positives and some negatives which I can learn from.


The first thing I found especially useful was I was more likely to get followed back by other students on the BCM325 hashtag during the live-tweeting sessions. More followers help expand my audience giving my tweets more impressions, making more of an impact and presence online.


I found when contributing thoughts within a comment section I would start getting notifications of others in the comments following me. This level of engagement is something I will try to replicate during every live-tweeting session.


During the most recent live-tweeting session, I used word searching to expand my search. My Minority Report related tweets mainly focused on privacy, surveillance and personalised ads. This led to me finding a somewhat popular hashtag #SurvailienceCaptialism, where I was able to find many academic sources.


I discovered sharing an academic journal was more popular than news articles and blogs. I also found being able to find a scholarly source made it easier to link themes in the movie to the ideas and topics we discuss in Future Cultures.


I found that one of the more effective methods of live tweeting was to create threads when two tweets are relatively similar. I found this out by observing the analytics of the tweet. I found that there was a much higher percentage of total engagements to impressions.


One of my more popular tweets was the tweet where I related the gesture-based computing in the Minority Report to the Xbox Kinect. Also, in the same format I made a short thread to elaborate on this point where I spoke about the attractiveness of these computer systems.


Pop culture references also did well, for example when I linked Robot Maria to c3p0. However, looking back on these two tweets I could have in fact made it just one tweet doing a direct comparison.


Another honourable mention was my tweet that reference Minority Report to Doodle Jump, a platform game made for the mobile phone. This was inspired by a tweet posted in the first week which compared the temple in Metropolis to the temple in the mobile game Temple Run. References like this seem to hit a level of nostalgia which is something I hope to also replicate throughout our other live tweeting sessions.


Using twitter to ask certain questions or queries I had was extremely helpful. Questions seem to be the best way start conversations with other students and engage more in the topic. I found that students, the majority of the time, will always answer.


Things I also Took note of:

  • Firstly, I noticed the majority of my liked tweets were all generally humorous ones. Humour is something I will now try to incorporate into my tweets.
  • Secondly, Tweets I had already plan out were extremely helpful. The pre-organized tweets to let me focus more on the movie and commenting rather than rushing through google scholar looking for sources.
  • Lastly, Research on the themes of the movie rather than the plot made it easier to relate the movie’s themes to the weekly lecture.

I’m Paul and this is my Sleepless Blog! Comment below and follow my Twitter @paul_ajok


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