BCM325: Our Student’s Projects Pt. 1

Peer commentary requires me to focus on the ideas and concepts of the proposed Digital Artefact, contribute research and consider practicality.

My first comment went to Isaac’s DA, The Da was a live stream that discussed the future of visual Design. I started by reading the article he linked to grasp a deeper understanding, after that I highlighted the section most relevant to future cultures subject and linked it to an academic journal I found. I brought up two scholar who I believe would be great addition as a source of knowledge on the topic. I also gave Isaacs some quotes from the two scholars I found the most useful. Lastly I commemorated his use of live streaming as it looks extremely effective as a means of user interaction.

Comment 1:

Comment 1.JPG


My second comment was on Lani’s DA. Lani planned on doing a series of blog posts where she discusses the future of the multi-billion-dollar industry; Gaming. She planned out a range of topics, and one of the topics she previewed was the Involvement of the LGBT community in gaming. I linked a case study that showed overwhelming desire for diversity in video games. I also spoke about how in our second lecture we explored trajectory and planning. We spoke about how the Nazis were able to plan and somewhat predict the future through propaganda. I suggested an article that discussed the way the US government used video games to promote military recruitment. Lastly and most importantly I asked Lani what her predictions for the future of video games were as I was genuinely interested.

Comment 2:

Comment 2.JPG

My final comment when to Isaac’s podcast, “Smash the Silence”. Isaac’s Podcast was a combination of talking about mental health and music. Considering our future cultures assessment, I suggested Isaac discuss the future of mental heath’s relationship with music. With that in mind I linked an academic journal that discussed the role music preference played referencing mental health in young people. Although the journal wasn’t conclusive it raised good questions that I would like to explore further in my own podcast, I even offered to do a collaboration on the topic to increase my involvement in the subject.

Comment 3:

Comment 3.JPG

Other than these three examples I took it upon myself to look at a few other DA pitches. In the end my commentary led to me developing my DA even more, incorporating new elements and learning from other DAs. Things that stood out in particular was user engamnet being increased by live streaming, addressing political events related towards my DA and exploring the role music plays in the mental health debate. As I start iterating and looking towards the beta stages of my DA, I am excited to watch all these other projects unfold and see what new elements they offer in their Beta stages.

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