The Next Melody

This podcast investigates music trends. How did popular music get to it’s current form and where is it going to?

Every episode will feature a guest and a new trend in the pop culture music industry. Future Cultures are the primary focus of BCM325 and in music the past has always shaped the future and I will futher explore this in the podcast.

I’ve set up multiple accounts on seperate platforms. But will upload the full podcasts episodes only on Anchor.

I’m Paul and this is my Sleepless Blog, Comment Below and follow my Podcast!

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What makes Pop Culture and music popular?

Music Trends between 1968 and 2008


3 thoughts on “The Next Melody

  1. Hey Paul,

    This is a really interesting take to the DA, I very much agree with you, music is extremely relevant to time and history which you can see through the way we can classify music by their decade e.g. 70’s music etc. I’m curious about if you will be focusing on a certain genre/s or all music because especially in our current era there are so many different styles of music! If you were to focus on one or two genres e.g. rap and/or techno, I believe you’ll be able to track the progression over time!

    Looking at rap in particular would be really interesting as it very much developed from the struggles faced by African-Americans at the time and into our current day. Rap has also changed throughout the past few decades and the sub-genre of mumble rap of today has form which could be a really interesting aspect to look at! I found this time line of the evolution of rap and hiphop which could be useful if you decide to go down this path;

    I look forward to seeing where you believe music will progress to in the future, I definitely foresee a lot more techno based music which could be really interesting to explore, would this mean an even bigger rave culture?

    I’m also curious to if you are continuing with a guest or if because of COVID-19 you have had to can that part of the DA!

    Cant wait for the podcasts to see what direction you head in!!


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