Breaking and Remaking

As mentioned before our biggest changes for our online multimedia company PLOMO Productions has been the redevelopment of our instagram account. My partners and I decided we wanted to push a more professional aesthetic, after we created a new logo we were inspired by our friend, and we wanted to make something very cool and cool-looking. Our new website was also a huge part of our inspiration, we want to showcase everything about us and our company on a bigger scale. We started posting stories of our BCM114 groups, linkng our instagram and also pluggin our artists.

To curate even more content I went out of my way to shout out local artists. the reason behind this is to generate usful content for our audience. This critical decision was inspired by Content Marketing Institute‘s quote on curateing content.

“Share valuable content that people haven’t seen so you become the go-to place to find the best content. To build brand awareness and grow a following, you want to be a trend finder, a trend analyst”.

This “rebranding” of our Instagram made us somewhat of a hub for music in Wollongong. Making our Instagram and Facebook a place for local music lovers. this along side our new logo gives our Digital Artefact an authentic apparence. However we I tried to make the shout outs not seem like ads or sponsored content.

We hope to unlock more secrets to boosting our status on Instagram through understanding and researching the algorithm.

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PLOMO Production

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