Instagram and Making Media

The most important part of my Digital Artefact PLOMO Productions, is the platform we use. As content creators we often use our online presence on social media to communicate a message to the audience we attract. “The medium is the message”; a phrase originally coined by Marshall McLuhan implies that the medium on which you voice your message is as or even more important that the message itself.

The message is the change of pattern or scale of behaviour. In other words, the nature of a medium is more important than the meaning of the message itself. This is all mentioned in McLuhan’s book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964) which is now viewed as a Bible for all Media and Communication Students.

Our Multifaced Media company is predominately on Instagram, this allows us to push a certain aesthetic and reach a demographic that will be more engaged. With studies identifying that older people do not listen to new music, we explored mediums with younger demographics. We settled on Instagram for the following reasons.

  • 31% of Instagram users being under the age of 24
  • 72% of teens on Instagram
  • 78% of influencers prefer Instagram

Michael Park’s (2018) article ‘The Medium Is the Message: Digital Aesthetics and Publicity Interests in Interactive Entertainment Media‘ refers back to McLuhan saying, “As McLuhan would have put it, medium implies “message,” while aesthetics is about the massage of the body, its extensions, and its senses”.

PLOMO Production’s Instagram aesthetic has evolved over the span of #BCM114. There is a theory that, on Instagram videos tend to attract more attention than images. This is heavily reinforced an article on NewsWhip which explains on average videos may not necessary get more likes than photos but will often receive more audience engagement.


After my PLOMO Productions survey it was revealed that social media was one of the main sources for discovering new music. With this in mind we began to upload music on the PLOMO Production’s main Instagram page. To utilise Instagram’s audience engagement in relation to videos, I took this opportunity to outsource. With the assistance of a video editor I created music videos on iMovie.

This varied the overall aesthetic of the digital artefact and my decision to use cartoons for the mixtape videos combined with the alternative style of music, created a lo-fi underground aesthetic. As expected, the videos received less likes, however, we noticed in the analytics the music videos received more engagements than the photos, creating a buzz for The PLOMO Mixtape!

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