Ideating for Plomo Productions

If you unaware my partners and I have started a multifaced company called Plomo Productions. Our Plomo Production’s team has been using multiple systems to better grow the company. For example, “Fail Early, Fail Often”. Essential this means creating content and implementing new idea early and often.


My partners and I from the start, implemented “complexity” into our project by creating a second Instagram, Plomopod and PlomoPluggedin. Firstly, we need to distinguish the difference between “Complexity” and “Complex”. Complexity is about understanding the things which seem to be complex, which actually aren’t. Certain things may normally be mind boggling and there is nothing amiss with that. Complicatedness, however, involves unnecessary complexity (Ward 2005, p. 19).


The Simplicity Cycle




NOTE: An increase in complexity will NOT always lead to an increase in goodness (Ward 2005, p. 19).



The Simplicity Cycle is one of my biggest resources, especially in the beginning, implementing early ideas towards the DA. Much like any project adding complexity to increase the goodness. In the first week, our project began to increase complexity rapidly. To decrease this, I distributed tasks on all front. I myself am managing all the social media platforms for Plomo Productions.


A crucial part of Ideating is observing the interactions your content receives. As online personalities our most important thing is our audience. Plattner (2010) explains empathizing with your audience is essential, and by doing this we are developing a sense of their culture, their values, and what they are striving to achieve, without having to ask them for permission first. We observe, we engage, watching and listening to our audience. After empathizing content creators begin to define new challenges or problem before Ideating.


When thinking for Plomo Productions, we ideate as a group. “By focusing on situated, embodied material practices, rather than a generalized “design thinking,” we may shift the conversation away from questions of individual cognition or organizational innovation” (Kimbell 2011, p. 300). Furthermore, this might offer a better solution to problems of agency and innovation, as the material practice does not need to be designed by the individual, but by the collective. Ideating is essential:


“Combing your conscious mind and unconscious mind, and rational thoughts with imagination” (Plattner 2010).




Beecker’s blog post (2010) explains that if we take a prototype that works to solve a practical problem and build some more and then try to apply what we’ve learned to designing real hardware, we may have a more productive outcome. The real challenge will be thinking creatively about how to make this happen.

“It would be useful in the design world to prototype things in a way that help us imagine and wonder, and consider unexpected, perhaps transformative alternatives” (Beecker 20010).

TechCrucnh released an article informing Instagram users that “2 million advertisers are now buying Stories ads across Facebook’s properties” (Costine 2019). Instagram are increasingly incorporating new features to their Stories, this has resulted in 500 million Instagram users posting stories daily in 2019.


In an effort to grow Plomo Productions I’ve been posting Instagram stories every day to assist grow the following count.  Instagram stories are the most important part of digital Artefact at this stage. With Instagram being Plomo Production’s main social media platform, I’ve had to familiarise myself with the algorithm, particularly posting stories. The Instagram stories I have been posting promote our artists.

IG Story.jpg

Ideating and design thinking in general assumes that we want to create better, better content because this will result in more satisfaction, and thus a larger following. When we see that others are achieving similar results—on new social media platforms, we are often encouraged to upload our own content on the newest media platforms. Tik Tok is an obvious example of content creators always seeking new audiences and platforms. My partner’s and I have decided we should create a Plomo Productions Tik Tok account, however, keeping the Simplicity Cycle in mind, we don’t want to increase the complexity by adding another social media platform.

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I’m Paul and this is my sleepless blog.

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