Plomo Productions Pitch

If you’ve watched the video above, you’ll understand we’ve launched Plomo Productions. Plomo Production’s main goal is to give back to the art world, supporting artists, giving back to the community in profitable ways without relying on managing artists and taking credit for work where credit isn’t due.

Our Facebook page and our Instagram all link back to the main Plomo Productions website where music lovers will be able listen and buy music from our artists. We believe constant empathising is important for the company and we will continuously Observe, Engage, Watch and Listen to our audience. Unfortunately, we are still trying to understand RenderForest, so our website is not quite ready. Once we grow, we plan to iterate on multiple platforms such as Snap Chat, Twitter and Youtube each pushing a slightly different online persona and aesthetic.

Overall this project will help me become more employable within the music industry which is my personal goal. Follow Plomo Productions social media and some of our leading artists!

New PlomoProd Album

Plomo Productions –



Plomo Podcast –


Plomo Pluggedin –


Lead Artists –


sage kyote

Toby Mill

Plomo Team –

Will Bomfield (CEO)

Paul Ajok

Rebecca Hegedus

Leon Prasad

I’m Paul and this is my sleepless blog. Stay tuned for Plomo Productions!

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