Social Identity

“Identity operates as a set of resources which people draw upon in presenting and expressing” (Tagg &Seargeant 2016, p. 343) Social identity is the rate of change to an individual’s self-awareness in a social setting. Social identities are categories by makers, physical traits or social status (barker 2007, p.221). Our Social identities has also varied through the introduction of social media. With the dependence of knowing our identities are now left to our technology.

Steven Vidal (Stwo) acknowledges his social identity and the extent of his alignments with different groups in his song You, World or Myself, Stwo states “I change around all these thugs”.

NOTE:Check out the most previous blog post, I’ve uploaded two Music Monday posts to make up for missing last week.


Vidal, Steven (2018) You, World or Myself.

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