Fractured Identity

The subject previously experienced as having a unified and stable identity, is becoming fragmented: composed, not a single, but of several, sometimes contradictory or unsolved identities” (Hall1996, p.598). The level of fractured identities varies for very individual and is highlighted by the rate of change.

All Falls Down Produced by Kanye West explores the fractured identity theme through its infectious hook sung by Syleena Johnson “when it all falls down” (West 2004). Kanye’s verses reinforce this as he paints a picture of a woman loosing herself through insecurities, them himself and them everyone “We all self-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it” (West 2004).

West, Kanye (2004), All Falls Down, Sony Music Studios, NYC; Larrabee Sound North, Los Angeles, CA.

Hall, S, Held, D, Hubert, D, Thompson, K (1996), Modernity: an introduction to modern societies, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford.


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