Framing is an “idea of mind” that we can build, and it is a way of working with other concepts that gives us more meaning and a larger range of possibilities, one might say.

A form of framing is defined by the way in which political events can be viewed with the same perspective as they are experienced. Political framing considers the importance of personal perspective and the differences in perception of others. Politicians are not considered as individuals but rather as representatives who are supposed to represent all their electorate, irrespective of their political views. In recent years, the phenomenon of framing has gained increasing recognition in political science when it is found in research aimed at analysing presidential campaigns.

In a way, such thoughts do fit the kind of mind we are, if we are not quite sure what to make of them. In conclusion such thought may help us construct mental picture of certain topics or situations, but it might also give us trouble and lead to errors. We might want to create something similar where both.


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One thought on ““Framing”

  1. This was an interesting read Paul! I had a similar understanding of ‘Framing as a concept’. The only thing that I would add is to maybe expand on your political example of framing. Other than that, nice work.


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