Authenticity in critical theory is used to describe an ideal mode of living and characterised by high levels of self- awareness, self-reflection and self-direction (Buchanan 2010, pn). One of the major issues underlying authenticity is the critique of contemporary works with traditional values and authentic functions in the search for individual’s identity. Jahseh Onfroy (XXXtentacion) centres his verse in Slipknot around the theme of Authenticity and self-awareness. “I’m not self-aware, I’m misled, I’m a hypocrite like the rest, I will kill myself if it benefits all of my fucking friends” (Onfroy 2017). XXXtentacion explains negative aspects on himself in self-reflection.

Buchanan, Ian. (2010). A dictionary of critical theory (2 ed.). Oxford University Press, p 1-500

Onfroy, Jahseh (2017) Slipknot

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