Just_Me, the new Digital Artefact

My new DA is Understanding the YouTube Algorithm, how to get more views and more dislikes, my YouTube channel has 6 subscribers so you can tell I’m a pretty big deal. I’ve been using twitter and disqus to promote my content.

Sciencing article on visibility of colours.

Regardless of the first two videos my content is not completely dedicated to flat earth rambling. My online persona is very confident but extremely stupid. I’m dependent on feedback from the audience in the comment section where 99% of them are people genuine angry that I’m completely stupid.

Interactions with my audience is something crucial so I always find the time to reply with my comment section so far, it’s

My first video performed very well peaking at 75% click through rate while the second only peaked at 8%. The success of the first video has allowed to iterate the same tactics to my next videos.

To get a better grasp of how terrible triggering my content is my next video is an album review for an album that is not even out yet. I’ll be uploading this tomorrow morning around 7am. I uploaded my first video in the morning and my second in the afternoon. The poor performance of my second video in comparison to the first has lead me to believe uploading a video in the morning is more effective than uploading in the afternoon.


Third video coming out tomorrow morning!

It’s Just Me so comment and follow my social media!


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