Stress or No Stress, UniLife’s Stress Less Week was a great experience for all UOW First-years.

UniLife held a Stress Less Week where every day different activities where hosted around the UOW campus form May 28th to June 1st to de-stress many students undergoing their exam period. The highlight activities during the week included; Badminton on the Lawn, a Macramé Workshop, a Silent Disco, The Handball Competition and on Friday concluded with a Giant Jaffle Picnic.

For many first-year students the exams can somewhat be a confusion moment, with many divided-on levels of stress. Full time employee with UniLife Entertainment and a part-time UOW student studying a Bachelor of Commence, Bailey Bond was the founding president of The Food Enthusiast Society.

“I’m very passionate of what we do here. It’s been a fully pact week of activities and there is a lot of value for doing this for our students. We are here for the student experience” Bailey said.

Bailey’s advice for any first-year students stressing over their first exams is:

“This is my Fourth year. Study is very important, but it’s not the end of the world. It doesn’t matter what marks you get as long as you get the degree.”

Kelish Jain a first-year resident a Kooloonong studying a Bachelor of Medical and Health Science said he wasn’t stressed due to the fact he had never experienced exams before.

“I don’t know what the big deal is. How can I stress about something I’ve never experienced? I’ve studied hard and that’s all I can do at this point in time.”

“I’ve spoken to many of other people in my course with the complete opposite reaction and I can see where they are coming from” Kelish said.

“For me Stress Less Week was enjoyable regardless of my lack of exam stress. I met new people and got to experience things I’ve never done before. I hope UniLife have another Stress Less Week at the end of the spring session”.

The stand out of the week was the newly implemented Gratitude Tree, where students wrote down what they were grateful for and put it on the tree. The Gratitude Tree Had over 200 hundred students participate.

Bailey Concluded leaving two important bits of advice.

“make sure your prepared and attend your final lectures because there is where you find out most of the information about your exams”.

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