State MP strong armed by the Illawarra community to make new improvements along the South Coast Line.

The State MP for Keira, Ryan Park was put into submission by the Illawarra community. Many residents gathered for a public meeting on Monday 28th of May at the Wollongong Tennis Club to address the poorly run South Coast Rail Lines

As a result of the public meeting, within the next 12 months the Illawarra train lines can expect; Extra carriages during peak hour, a new 2019 fleet with a higher seating capacity and a mobile reception improvement along the south line. The meeting gathered attention after Bronwyn Batten when through the peak hour service and received over 2,000 signatures form the public on her partition.

“I’ve witnessed elders trying to squeeze through the carriage and people trying to make it into the bathroom but others simply unable to move out of the way because there was not enough space.” Bronwyn Batten said.

The panel gathered for the meeting consisted of State MP Ryan Park, UOW Nation Authority on Rail Transport Philip Laird, Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi and Local resident and train user Bronwyn Batten.

During Ryan Park’s talk he revealed that, with Paul Scully, 100million dollars was being put into The Maldon-Dombarton Rail Line, which was received with great applauds by the community members at the meeting. After the Meeting the State MP Confirmed:

“The Liberal Government has not committed any money. Only Labour at State and Federal Level are committing 100 Million, With each contributing 50Million.”

“Money will be going into the Unanderra Station repairs for the first budget when I am elected treasurer.”

Although the Resolution for the meeting Stated within the next few years the south coast line can expect Wi-Fi, a tunnel from Thirroul to Water fall and high-speed train services. Ryan Park made it clear afterwards that:

“I’m not going to rush out and promise the world. I want to make sure what we announce is doable and affordable and hits the benefits we need”

Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi Discussed the failures of the current standing government and how they are moving in the “wrong direction”.

“This government is privatising metro lines such as the already developed Epping to Chatswood line and even the Sydney to Bankstown line.”

The Green’s MP then compared this to the recently privatised Novocastrian’s Line (Newcastle).

“Busses are running late and the whole system has been fragmented. If you get on and off one bus, there may not be a link at the other end.”

The community vote on a resolution was unanimous and both the panel and the community agreed to 10 individual terms and with the state election coming up in March 2019, the community’s demands will be taken more seriously.

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